VR Fair - Fall/2023
07 Dec
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VR Fair - Fall/2023

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Introducing the Ultimate International Student Virtual Fair: Explore Your Pathway to Studying in Canada!


Are you dreaming of pursuing higher education in Canada? Your journey begins here, at our groundbreaking International Student Virtual Fair, where the doors to countless opportunities swing wide open!


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🔥 Unveiling a World of Possibilities:
Step into a vibrant virtual world tailored exclusively for ambitious international students like you! Get ready to embark on an enriching experience where you can:

🎓 Discover Diverse Academic Programs: Explore a plethora of programs spanning from cutting-edge technology and engineering to arts, business, health sciences, and beyond.

🌍 Engage with Renowned Institutions: Connect directly with prestigious colleges from across Canada, unlocking insights into their campuses, facilities, and exceptional faculty.

🌟 Unearth Scholarships and Financial Aid: Navigate your way to a bright academic future with information on scholarships, grants, and financial support that can help turn your dreams into reality.

💡 Immerse Yourself in Enriching Workshops: Immerse yourself in illuminating workshops and webinars led by industry experts, offering insights into the Canadian education system, admissions process, and student life.

🤝 Forge Lasting Connections: Connect with fellow students, successful alumni, and college representatives in dynamic networking sessions that may pave the way for future collaborations.

🛍️ Exclusive Virtual Fair-Only Offers: Access special offers, discounts, and perks available only to attendees of our virtual fair. Your journey to Canada starts with incredible savings!

🎁 Register Now and Seize Your Future:
Don’t miss this golden opportunity to kickstart your academic adventure in Canada.
Secure your spot at the International Student Virtual Fair today by registering here and join us on Event Date for an event that promises to inspire, enlighten, and empower!

Let your dreams take flight with our transformative virtual fair. Your Canadian educational journey begins now!

What you will find here
  1. Webinars on studying in Canada: Covering topics like admission processes, visa application, scholarships, and life as an international student.
  2. Virtual campus tours: Interactive tours of colleges, showcasing their facilities and campus life.
  3. Q&A sessions with college representatives: Allowing students to ask questions directly to representatives from the colleges.
  4. Workshops on preparing for college applications: Sessions on writing personal statements, gathering documents, and meeting admission requirements.
  5. Alumni success stories: Success stories of international students who have graduated from Canadian colleges and made a mark in their careers.
  6. Language proficiency workshops: Sessions on improving English language skills, as this is crucial for international students.
  7. Cultural events and diversity showcases: Celebrating different cultures and showing how Canadian colleges embrace diversity.
  8. Virtual networking events: Opportunities for students to connect with each other and share experiences.
  9. Scholarship and funding opportunities: Information about available scholarships and financial aid options.
  10. Panels and discussions with current international students: Panels where current students can share their experiences and answer questions.
  11. Virtual job fair: Collaboration with companies looking to hire international students after graduation. (on hold)
  12. Study program showcases: Highlight on different programs offered by the colleges with faculty presentations.
  13. Test preparation sessions: Offering tips and resources for standardized tests like IELTS or TOEFL.
  14. Student life workshops: Discussing housing options, extracurricular activities, and support services available on campuses.
  15. Fun competitions and giveaways: Engaging students with quizzes, contests, and prizes related to studying in Canada. (on hold)

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Alessandra, consultora educacional na Challenge, atuou no Brasil como psicóloga por mais de 15 anos na área de RH em empresas multinascionais. Já estudou inglês no Canadá e morou em Vancouver, Toronto e Halifax.

Hoje dedica a experiência dela em ajudar a construir uma carreira e sonhos através da educação internacional, diretamente da capital do Canadá, Ottawa.

Camila Faria estudou na Alemanha, onde aprimorou seu alemão e posteriormente retornou ao país para estagiar em um instituto alemão de pesquisa. Para estudar inglês, ela passou 3 meses no Canadá em 2008 e mais recente, em 2021, decidiu retornar ao país para acompanhar o seu marido, que atualmente estuda em um college na cidade de Toronto. Se você sonha em estudar no exterior, mas não sabe por onde começar, a Camila vai amar trabalhar com você de forma direcionada e assertiva, criando um plano de estudos no exterior personalizado para atender às suas necessidades e objetivos.

O Guilherme, nosso consultor educacional da Challenge, atuou no Brasil na área financeira por mais de 7 anos em multinacional e Banco. Já fez intercâmbio em Vancouver, no Canadá e já visitou cidades como Calgary, Montreal, Quebec e Ottawa. Hoje dedica a experiência dele em te ajudar a construir carreira e sonhos através da educação internacional, diretamente da maior cidade do Canadá, Toronto.


Expo Area - Booth 08

Berlin School of Business and Innovation


Alte Post Karl-Marx-Straße 97-99 | 12043 Berlin Germany

Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) has a main campus located in the heart of Berlin and focuses on helping graduates to become exceptional leaders in their chosen field. Further locations provide opportunities for students to study globally, in Hamburg, Paris or Athens.

Expo Area - Booth 06

Canadian College of Technology and Business


101 Smithe St. British Columbia, V6B 4Z8, Canada

At the Canadian College of Technology and Business (CCTB), your success is our goal. Through our range of IT, hospitality and business-focused programs, we provide our students with the highest quality training, preparing them for a rewarding career in an increasingly digitalized world.

Expo Area - Booth 05

Fleming College Toronto


Main Campus: 124 Eglinton Ave West, (3rd and 4th floors)

Toronto, ON, M4R 2G8, Canada

Fleming College is an Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology with various campuses across the province. The college emphasizes practical, hands-on education that gets graduates into the workplace. The college boasts strong local, regional, and global ties that make it attuned to the needs of the domestic and international business community, and therefore the needs of students looking to advance their careers. Fleming College Toronto promotes a culture of respect and recognition, so you can expect a learning environment that values diversity and inclusion.

Expo Area - Booth 09

GISMA Business School


Dessauer Str. 3-5
10963 Berlin, Germany

Students are supported in their search for internships and jobs in Germany. With our Career Centre, our students have access to numerous employers ranging from start-ups to SMEs, hidden champions to the world’s largest technology companies. Collaborations between Gisma and employers enable students to find exciting job opportunities and work on joint projects.

Discover our range of programmes here to start on your journey with Gisma University of Applied Sciences.

Expo Area - Booth 03

Niagara College Canada


Mirvish Campus
740 Bathurst Street, Toronto,
ON M5S 2R6, Canada

Niagara College and the Toronto School of Management have partnered to offer Niagara College's most sought-after programs in the City of Toronto, Ontario. Toronto, like the Niagara Region, is a hub of tourism and business in Canada and is one of Canada's largest and most multicultural cities in a country known for its diversity. Now students have the ability to access the incredible employment opportunities in two of Canada's greatest regions.

Expo Area - Booth 01

The Language Gallery


22 College Street, Suite 500, Toronto
Ontario, M5G 1K2, Canada

At The Language Gallery, we believe that language is the key to unlocking a world of opportunities. We are a Canadian language school dedicated to helping individuals from all over the world and gain the language skills and cultural understanding necessary to succeed in today’s global society.

Expo Area - Booth 04

Trebas Institute

550 Sherbrooke St West, Suite 600| Montreal, Quebec, H3A 1B9


543 Yonge St Suite 300| Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 1Y5

At Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. and Trebas Institute Ontario Inc., we prepare students to become exceptional leaders in their field. Our programs are taught by celebrated instructors and powered by industry experts to ensure you are up to date with the latest industry trends and have an edge in your industry after graduation. With diversity, excellence and innovation at our core, everything we do is tailored to your success.

Expo Area - Booth 02

Toronto School of Management


22 College Street Suite 300

Toronto, ON, M5G 1k2, Canada

Toronto School of Management (TSoM) is an innovative college offering a broad range of career-focused programs in business, hospitality and tourism, big data, cybersecurity and accounting. We provide relevant programs which ensure our sdudents meet the demands of todays's ever changing job market.

Expo Area - Booth 07

University Canada West


1461 Granville Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6Z 0E5, Canada


University Canada West is an innovative business and technology-oriented institution located in the heart of vibrant Vancouver. Established in 2004, UCW offers a range of career-focused programs including the Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication, Associate of Arts and Master of Business Administration. Courses are offered at our two downtown Vancouver campuses and online too. Offering courses online brings flexibility to education, allowing those who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to gain respected qualifications.

Expo Area - Booth 10

University of Europe for Applied Sciences


Dessauer Str. 3-5, 10963, Berlin, Germany

Our university offers a unique educational experience with a range of exciting opportunities that will help you to develop both professionally and personally. You will have access to the university network Global University Systems, which provides a wealth of resources and support throughout your academic journey. We offer a wide range of degree programmes at four locations in Germany, with the same state accreditation as non-private universities.





This is an international student virtual fair to attract and engage prospective students interested in studying in Canada. The event aims to connect students with colleges, provide valuable information, and create a dynamic platform for networking and interaction.


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